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dofus : Enripsa Soloing Guide

Most people (even Eniripsa players) see Eniripsa solely as support characters. They are support characters, but to limit an Eniripsa to purely support status, one never realises an Eniripsa's true power. Alot of guides will tell you that Eniripsa are "leech fairies" for most levels, that is not the case if built properly. The important thing to remember when building a solo Eniripsa is to balance support and offensive capabilities. The keys are having support spells that compliment your offensive capabilities.

A solo Eniripsa that cannot survive a few hits isn't going to be a viable one. The key support spell for the solo Eniripsa for low to mid levels is Curative Word. Most guides are probably going to look past this spell, but it is the most powerful self-healing spell until level 100's Word of Recovery. Until level 26, this is a Enirpisa's only self-healing spell. After level 26, Regenerating Word is learned. At level 5, Regenerating Word can be stacked easily and can often keep the caster at full health with minimal AP cost. However, in a tight spot with extremely low HP, Curative Word can't be beat. Relying on Regenerating Word means never ending your turn with low HP, thus the need for Curative Word. Curative Word need only be raised to level 3. Higher healing and lower AP costs for only 3 spell points.

Finding an effective offense for the solo Eniripsa is a difficult one, but there are different options available: class spell, elementary spells, invocation spell, and weapons (paired with mastery spell.)

Class spell are almost never used offensively in an Eniripsa. All Eniripsa offensive class spells have relatively low attack strength, high AP costs, and other restritions (recast delays, low range, etc) that make them unattractive for the solo Eniripsa. Like all Eniripsa guides say, do not level offensive class spells.

Commonly-used elemental spells that Eniripsa use are Leek Pie and Striking. Leek Pie is a rare scroll drop and Striking is obtained via scroll exchange. Both are fire elemental spells, which makes them popular with Eniripsas. Leek Pie has the advantage of only costing 2 AP to cast and being a ranged attack. Disadvantages include the necessity of +damages equipment, the low attack power, and the expense of obtaining it. Striking is an AoE attack spell that is relatively cheap to obtain. Disadvantages include a wide damage range and inability to use when allies are in its area of effect. Leek Pie is extremely effective for Eniripsas and recommended for offensive abilities. Striking should be considered optional, though it is often effective in certain situations.

Invocation spell such as Summoning of Chaferfu could be another option for the solo Eniripsa. The advantage to using a Chaferfu is its neutral damage attack, which can be quite helpful when fighting monsters with high fire resistance. However, it is only summonable once and has a bad habit of attacking friendly targets.

Lastly, weapons, specifically fire-damage weapons, are an attractive offensive strategy for the solo Eniripsa. At low levels, fire-damage weapons are few and far between. Noteable exceptions include the Gobbal Hammer and Aclou Mallet. Other options inlcude fire-maged weapons as well. At higher levels, there are more weapson with "natural" fire-damage - To'Loh Hammer, Clearing Bourgarde, etc. Paired with an appropriate weapon should be the corresponding mastery spell weapon skill. Eniripsas have damage bonuses with wands, no damage penalty/bonus with daggers, and damage penalties with all other weapons

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